Portable, Modular, Digital Billboard.

Portable & Stackable Container Sign

The patented* ContainerSign is truly an innovation in outdoor big screen messaging. The high brightness LED screen in a shipping container is perfect for temporary or short term leases where high impact messaging is required but lengthy leases, regulations and red tape get in the way.

Let ContainerSign be the container sign for the top of your container business such as a coffee shop, bar or retail outlet, let your imagination explore many opportunities.

*Australian Innovation Patent No. 2018100568


ContainerSign can be specified in 20ft or 40ft versions depending on your individual needs.


Screen resolution can be provided for a minimum of six to ten metre viewing distances from the screen.


Need extra height to have your message seen? ContainerScreen is stackable!


ContainerSign is affordable! And especially attractive to temporary sites where large messaging is required.

Big messages, small price

Perfect for car dealerships, festivals and concerts, sporting events, retail locations, Government functions and much more.... ContainerSign provides big screen messaging right where you need it. 

The container sign requires no footings with little site preparation, often no council approval is required, reducing costly red tape. Simply drop and go to have a large outdoor screen when and where you need it.

6 Distinct options

ContainerSign comes in 6 distinct options. 20 foot or 40 foot long containers, with P6, P8 or P10 screen types for optimal viewing for various distances. All units look spectacular from a short to long distance, you will be blown away with the content you can post on ContainerSign.

20FT container sign incorporates a 5m x 2m (10m2) LED Digital Screen. 40FT container sign incorporates a 8m x 2m (16m2) LED Digital Screen.




ContainerSign Illustration


Built to your specifications, each ContainerSign is tailored to your needs and environmental conditions.

ContainerSign can be specified with cooling options such as air conditioning and vents, and power options such as mains power or diesel generators for remote locations.

We can even have ContainerSign come to life remotely from anywhere in the world, its in your hands.

Quality Components

ContainerSign is built to the highest standards with strict quality control. Our components are first class and made to withstand extreme environmental conditions under demanding use.

High quality LED panels come in a variety of pixel pitches to suit both budget and viewing distances, from as close as P6 for six metres to P10 for ten metres, we've got you covered.

20FT ContainerSign incorporates a 5m x 2m (10m2) LED Digital Screen. 40FT ContainerSign incorporates a 8m x 2m (16m2) LED Digital Screen.

Cloud Managed

Due to the nature of the ContainerSign and its wide range of uses, we provide a comprehensive cloud based signage content management system to remotely control your messages via the internet.

ContainerSign is able to display images, video, website content and much more. Unleash your creativity in our simple to use signage software.

ContainerSign can connect to you via local WiFi or 4G, its really that easy.


The portable multi-purpose digital billboard container sign

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